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We offer 5 strategically empowering packages:

  1. Corporate  

  2. Personal

  3. Artisan

  4. Rhodium

  5. Early Years

All packages include an initial consultation to identify your key outcomes and ensure that we understand your reasonable expectations. Our packages are delivered internationally.


There are two options in our Corporate Packages:

Option 1: The one-day empowerment session

Option 2: The abbreviated empowerment session


This is an empowerment session designed for a maximum of 20 participants and up to 6 hours in duration including mutually agreed times for breaks/refreshments. The Empowerment Mastery System [EMS] is explained, within the context of your business, to lay the foundation for adding value to the culture, aims and aspirations that already exist in your organization. The session is an interactive and multisensory experience which also demonstrates the benefits of effective team work and proper ways to resolve conflict.

Investment - £1,500.


This session is a basic overview of the 8 principles of self empowerment in the Empowerment Mastery System [EMS]. We have created special exercises for extracting solutions to specific issues within your business and outline plans for practical application of said solutions in your organisation. This session is up to two hours in duration with a predetermined break and Q&A segment. Maximum capacity is 20 participants.

Investment - £900.


We work with you in developing a programme to cultivate your vision, overcome limiting beliefs and create a process that will enrich your life on a daily basis. The duration and nature of the programme is determined after our initial consultation. As we only work with persons who are committed to their personal development there is a mandatory demonstration of your commitment to your guaranteed progress through an initial booking of six hourly sessions over six weeks. Investment - £500. All subsequent sessions are £130 per hour.



A series of uniquely designed presentations, exercises and workshops focused on a specific industry. Based on the Empowerment Mastery System [EMS] with particular reference to the direct requirements of your industry or field of expertise. Our approach is, therefore, flexible and creatively intelligent because it is all about satisfying your needs. You will be informed of the investment amount after our initial consultation.



An extension of our ‘empowerment in motion’ philosophy and includes services such as after dinner speeches, event hosting, panel discussion participation, event management services and general workshop facilitation. We will inform you of the financial investment for the service you request upon receipt of your booking form.


This is a fun filled and inspiring experience for children from birth to 5 years old through story telling, colouring, affirmations and positive engagement exercises.Sessions are up to 30 minutes and focus on the 7 key areas of learning within the early years foundation stage (EYFS). Further details available on request.

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